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Three Tips For Getting A Windshield Replaced Before A Long Trip

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Finding out that your windshield needs to be replaced before you take a long trip can be a major annoyance. Luckily, a lot of companies will come out to you in order to perform a windshield replacement. This will typically be a process that takes about an hour or so, then you can be on your way. If you have to go on a long distance trip, and you need your window replaced right before you get on the highway, here are some tips to remember. 

Bring or ask for extra tape

Often, after the new windshield is installed, the bonder will need some time to set. The windshield repair company will tape down the window to ensure that it remains in place and the bonder has time to dry before you remove the tape. It is common to remove the tape from around the windshield after about 24 hours time.

If you will be traveling for a long time, you risk possible rain making the tape moist or causing it to come off when you are driving at high speeds. To be sure that your new windshield remains secure, ask for extra tape or purchase a roll of tape yourself. If any part of the tape begins to come off, pull over at a rest stop. and secure the window with tape. 

Take care to notice a vibration

Once the window is reset into your car, it will take a little bit of time to set as it used to. If you are going at high rates of speed on the road, you may notice that your windshield is vibrating a little more than usual. This can be common if it is before 24 hours after the replacement.

If you notice any vibrating, check to make sure that there is no tape that is flying off and that the bottom of the windshield has been sealed down correctly. If you notice an area has not been properly sealed down, ask the technician to come back to reseal the window strips. 

Use covered parking

The worst thing that you can do is allow a window to get wet right after placement. This includes washing the car and rain. Use covered parking whenever possible on your trip to protect your vehicle.

If you will be on open stretches of road or without covered parking, take a car cover with you. If rain begins on the trip cover the car with the car cover and take a break until the rain lets up.