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Did You Witness A Car Collision That Damaged Your Windshield? 3 Tips To Repair The Auto Glass

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Typically, you would expect that you would have to actually be in the car collision for your vehicle to sustain damage. However, it is common for car parts to go flying when there is a significant impact between two vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, you now have to deal with the damage so that you can continue to drive a safe vehicle, and you can use these tips to get the glass repaired without delay.

Document What Happened At the Scene

In the rush of events that occur shortly after a car collision, you may lose sight of your personal needs. After all, you may be called upon to apply first aid to the other parties, or you might be asked to stay and provide a witness report to the responding officers. If possible, take pictures of the damage to the windshield as soon as you can, and make sure to include images of the car part that hit the glass. Even though your vehicle was not directly involved in the collision, you may be able to have the glass repair services covered by the responsible party's insurance company after you file a claim.

Determine If The Car is Safe to Drive

Once everything is over with, take a good look at the auto glass to determine how bad the damage really is. If you only see a chip or crack, then you might be able to drive it home if the damage does not block your visibility or pose a risk for shattering. If the windshield is shattered, however, then you may need to tow the vehicle home or push it to a safe parking area while you wait for glass repair.

Arrange For Professional Repairs

The windshield is one of the most important features on your vehicle since it helps to keep your vision clear and protects you from road debris such as the car part that just hit it. Always make sure to have any damage inspected by a professional who knows how to repair the damage properly. While you may see DIY kits, the truth is that doing the repairs wrong can do more harm than good. For instance, leaving even the tiniest air bubble or speck of dirt in the repair can cause the glass to continue to break. Professional windshield repair technicians know how to restore the glass to like new conditions.

Few things are worse than thinking you are clear in an accident only to discover that your vehicle still sustained damage. By knowing how to quickly document the situation and arrange for proper repairs, you can continue to do your part as a safe driver.